The show at the new Fay Gold gallery in Atlanta was a roaring success.

In true Fay Gold style, she acquired a magnificent double volume space in partnership with Besharat Galleries in a converted 19th century warehouse, exposed brickwork, pine board floors and all.

Fay had represented Marlene for many years before her retirement, and she chose Marlene again to open the new Gallery. Fay paired Marlene with a fascinating selection of the early works of Edward Mapplethorpe, kid brother of Robert Mapplethorpe and a highly regarded photographer in his own right.

Fay and her team brought their peerless experience of exhibition layout (and taught Thomas a thing or two about bold display!) to create a stunning show. The warehouse perfectly complemented the work, its beautiful rawness mixed with clean modern elements that created a fusion of old and new, echoing those features of Marlene’s work.

Marlene and her husband, Thomas, arrived a few days before the opening to install the various pieces, and worked with Fay’s team to light each piece perfectly. Lighting is important for any art form, but with glass there is an elemental relationship – as Marlene likes to say, the glass goes to sleep without lighting.

Opening Night was a huge success, not only with a number of sales but with countless accolades from the fine art aficionados in attendance, many of whom were not familiar with glass as a fine art medium.

People are fascinated by the texture of Marlene’s glass and that subtle air of mystery that each sculpture has within it. In fact, there was so much interest in these works of art that the exhibition was extended for an extra month.