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Marlene Rose Solo Exhibition at the Fort Wayne Museum of Art


Marlene is delighted that she’s been invited to hold a solo exhibition of her studio glass sculptures at the Fort Wayne Museum of Art (FWMoA) in Indiana from June 1st until August 4th. Titled Cultural Blueprints, the exhibition will feature some of Marlene’s newest works.

Fort Wayne Museum of Art traces its roots back to 1888, becoming a full-fledged museum in 1921. For close to a hundred years now, FWMoA has been enhancing the lives of those in the growing Fort Wayne Cultural District.  In 2007, FWMoA added 10,000 square feet to increase the space for exhibitions, programs and visitors to the Museum fulfilling its vision to be the cultural catalyst of the region.

Marlene was struck by the fact that their philosophy is strikingly similar to her own artistry:

The visual arts represent myriad aspects of our collective cultures, historical experiences, and of the human condition.  We believe that the visual arts open our eyes, hearts, and minds to the intersecting dimensions of our worlds and, in doing so, add value and meaning to our lives.  This added value and meaning develops from the broadening of personal perspectives, promoting increased empathy, sparking moments of self-discovery, fostering the development of new insights, as well as nurturing our human spirit.

This aligns closely with the theme of Cultural Blueprints. Her sculptures are created with a relatively new technique that builds upon the ancient tradition of bronze casting. Each piece is hand cast from molten glass into a unique and modern work of art that resonates with references and allusions to ancient cultures and civilizations.

You can meet Marlene Rose at the gallery on June 1, at 10:30 am. Join her for a guided talk-through of the Cultural Blueprints solo exhibition – free with museum entrance.

Fort Wayne Museum of Art, 311 East Main Street, Fort Wayne, IN, 46802.

The Revival of Glass Art in Sofia Bulgaria

Marlene Rose and two other American glass artists were chosen by Dawn Bennett of UrbanGlass to attend the Second Biennial International Festival of Glass Art in Sofia, Bulgaria. The Biennial opening was a great success, with copious TV and radio coverage.  They were treated like the rock stars of the art world that they are!

Speaking to a packed hall, Marlene shared her glass artistry and passion with nearly 100 students of the Sofia National School of Applied Arts inspiring a spontaneous ovation. The documentary of her studio glass art was a total hit

Glass Art documentary of Marlene Rose's work

The School is for artistically gifted students and is the only functional glass facility in Sofia, the bones of which were donated by the America for Bulgaria Foundation, one of the main sponsors of the whole tour. Marlene’s task became to flesh out these bones with begged, borrowed and improvised equipment and somehow impart enough technique to allow for art to happen.

One example is the furnace at the school – it had been well made but by someone with no experience of actual usage resulting in some “interesting” safety issues. Through much ingenuity and many hand gestures, they managed to get a workable setup and persuade a vital extra few hundred degrees from the furnace.  This showed the students (and their teachers) what could be done, even with the limited facilities they had.

Marlene believes she was able to show them that they could make good art with what they had. The rest is up to them. And given the students’ voracious desire for knowledge, their surprising command of English (especially amongst the younger ones), she expects good things to come from this incredible experience.

Marlene met and made many friends in Sofia and hopes that she in some small way contributed to the rebirth of glass art in this beautiful country, known in Europe as “The Rose of the Balkans.”